Richard! How is this an exclusive? These videos are available on YouTube and have been floating around the web all morning. I saw your #1 video on the HuffPo a few hours ago and the #2 video on Radar first thing this morning, both in the form of YouTube clips. C'mon, man! » 10/02/09 1:34pm 10/02/09 1:34pm

Call me crazy for asking this, but since when is an unsubstantiated rumor considered to be an "exclusive"? Unless, of course, I missed the part of this post where you provide the proof that Letterman did, in fact, pay these bills. I was hoping for more from you, Richard, but you seem to be adapting to the Gawker… » 10/02/09 1:27pm 10/02/09 1:27pm

Don't want to pile on, but I think you missed the context of the quote. That swimming pool line was actually in reference to some of the lower moments in the careers of the auteurs who came of age in the 1970s: F.F. Coppola, Bogdanovich, DePalma, Billy Friedkin, etc. (who are all now in the 60s). » 7/15/09 2:20pm 7/15/09 2:20pm

ENCORE actually had two celeb-skewering songs on it: "Just Lose It" (the song and video mocked Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pee Wee Herman, Bad Santa and, most interestingly, Eminem himself) and "Ass Like That" (the one where he sang about Hilary Duff, Mary Kate Olson, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey while singing in the… » 4/11/09 6:49pm 4/11/09 6:49pm